As our supply reaches to almost every south city so we were also supplying our acid dyes in the various Places of Qatar. We used to supply to the major nylon, wool, and silk, acrylic fiber industries of Abu Dhalouf, Abu Hamour, Bu Samra, Bani Hajer, Duhail, Fereej Kulaib, Hazm Al Markhiya, Al Jeryan of Ludhina. We are having the strong manufacturing base to supply to the clients by making the large quantities of Acid Blue Dyes, Basic Dyes, and many other similar products. The paper, jute, acrylic yard industry holders from Qatar were mostly waits for our supply as we are giving them at the reasonable price and that too with the betterment in the quality.

brilliant blue color manufacturer price in mumbai, pune, nagpur, nashik, thane - maharashtra

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