Matrix Pharma Chem is a manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of an inclusive range of Natural Caramel Colors. This Caramel Color is created through the controlled heating of carbohydrates from a source like Liquid Burnt sugar, Corn, Sugarcane etc. we manufacture the offered product are of high quality to ensure the finest product to our customers.Caramel colors are water soluble available in powder as well as liquid form. The Natural caramel Color is widely used for food and Beverages products. Addition to this various Spectrum color of Matrix Pharma Chem Class I to Class IV Caramel colors. Our Natural Caramel colors are considered as a safe, harmless and cost-effective.

Our ranges includes:

  • Liquid Caramel Type I Plain [ Scotch Grade] (E-150a)
  • Liquid Caramel Type III [Beer Grade] (E-150c)
  • Caramel Type IV single Strength (E-150d)
  • Caramel Type IV Double Strength (E-150d)
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