Synthetic Food Colours Manufacturers, Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

we have emerged in the industry as one of the prominent manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Synthetic Food Colors Manufacturers in India. The Synthetic Food color is also known as Artificial Food color. These Food colors are manufactured according to international food quality standards. The color is available in the form of powder and liquid according to the customer’s choices. These Synthetic Food Colors Manufacturers are called Primary food colors because this segment contains fundamental colors that don’t have any risk impacts. As sometimes these Food colors are used for decorating the food items as they are additive in many cases.

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These Primary food colors are widely used in Sauces and Seasoning, Jams & jellies, Soft drinks, Pharmaceutical Tablets, Baked Food, Fish products, Cosmetics, and lubricants. Made up of high-quality products and natural additive our Primary Food colors are extreme germ-free, clean condition and available at very reasonable rates.

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Types of Synthetic Food Color:

Quinoline Yellow

Quinoline Yellow is a yellow a bright yellow dye with green dimness. This quinolone Yellow is available in either solid or fine powdered form. This offered food color is utilized with high-grade ingredients by keeping in mind the quality norms.


Erythrosine is a reddish pink Synthetic dye which is highly popular used in food coloring agent, used in candies, cake decoration, popsicles etc. and other than it is also used in Printing Inks, a dental disclosing agent, a biological stain.


Matrix Pharma Chem is a renowned Tartrazine food color manufacturer, supplier, and exporter across India. Tartrazine is a synthetic yellow azo dye that is used in several foods including desserts and candidates, soft drinks, fruit drinks, etc. Our customers can get this Quality Tartrazine with good and reliable services. The Tartrazine color is composed of disodium 4 hydroxy-3-Naphthylene-1-sulfonate.


Carmoisine is a Mono azo dye that is primarily composed of disodium 4, hydroxyl-3-Naphthylene -1-sulfonate. Carmoisine which is red to maroon color is highly utilized in Cold Beverages, Ice cream, etc.

Sunset Yellow

Sunset yellow is a disodium salt of 1-4-sulphophenylezo 2-naphthol 6-sulphonic acid. It is either available from us in solid or granular form. It is utilized in pharma, cosmetics, cereals, Beverages, and other industries.

Synthetic Food color have used in varied Application like:

  • Ice cream
  • Biscuits
  • Sweet meats
  • Fruit drinks
  • Pharmaceutical Tablets
  • Syrups
  • Soft drinks
  • Jams & jellies
  • Sauces and seasoning
  • Fish products

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